4 Ways Guitarists are Influenced by Famous Guitar Players


Before you become a world-renowned guitarist, there will always be someone or something that inspired you to be who you came to be. In this article, …


The Rationale Behind Spending Money on Music Shows


All over the news, you can hear about a huge number of people swarming to a certain event just to participate in a music show. Those …

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3 Important Reasons to Have a Famous Guitarist for Singles Promotion


Even if you already have an established band, it still is a problem whether your new singles will sell or not. Maybe, with your fan base, …

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4 Ways Guitarists are Influenced by Famous Guitar Players

Before you become a world-renowned guitarist, there will always be someone or something that inspired you to be who you came to be. In this article, we will tackle some of the influences that give a certain person the right push to become a great guitar player.

Talent with Passion

The very first thing that inspires a person is the talent that their inspiration has. It is such a different feeling watching someone you admire doing the thing that they love with much gusto.

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You know, it’s very different to have someone who plays just for the sake of playing compared to a person whose entire life is dedicated to music. The technique might be there, but playing from the heart says something that is entirely different. And that, right there, inspires people.


Sometimes, you fall more in love with a person not just because he’s good with playing the guitar but because of the advocacy that he fights. For example, finding someone who pushes for the betterment of the music society by providing free music lessons.

Other than that, a famous guitar player who voices out certain issues and uses their influence to inform people who are blinded is also another perspective that becomes the reason of a person’s influence towards someone else’s life.

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There will be times that you’d want to be like a shadow of a famous guitar player because they have charmed their way right into your heart. Yes, that is possible. People with high charisma gather fame and influence just by being themselves even if they are not as good as other people.

We’re not saying that being inspired by this is a bad thing, it’s just something different than the others. And believe it or not, that is a good thing. Besides as long as they stand as a good influence, no matter what the reason is, that is still acceptable.


Nothing tugs at someone’s heartstrings more than a person’s past. When people hear about the struggles that a musician has gone through in order to attain his current social status, they look up to him with awed eyes.

To be honest, a lot of people regard someone as an inspiration because they were impressed with their musical journey. Maybe that’s a good thing because it will tell you that no matter how much you’re struggling right now, you’ll see the light someday and somehow.

How about you? How did your inspiration inspire you to become a guitar player? Was it because of his talent and passion, advocacy, charisma, or history? Well, no matter what the reason was, the important thing is that you are here and you’re taking a step forward into reaching your lifelong dream.

The Rationale Behind Spending Money on Music Shows

All over the news, you can hear about a huge number of people swarming to a certain event just to participate in a music show. Those from the older ages wonder why, but we, the people from the newer era, know what the answer for that is.

The Reason

We, too, are fans of a certain band and we understand how fulfilling and memorable it is to participate in music shows.

At first, people would really want to hear how a song is sung in a live audience, but later on, they understand that it’s more than just the vocalist, every part of the band, especially the guitarists play a very important part.

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Most of the people who have been attending music shows for quite a long time attend it in order to watch the most famous guitar players of all time do their thing on the stage.

If you have seen it, you will be able to comprehend as to how awe-inspiring it is watching a guitarist play unbelievable adlibs with their guitars.

Moreover, it is also the rush that the people feel whenever they sing the song with the people who have the same intense feeling towards the band, which makes people want to participate more in music shows.

All in all, it really is for the experience and maybe more for the love that they have for the people performing. Some may say that it is a waste of money, but it doesn’t feel like it when you are there jumping, headbanging, and just jamming to the band’s music.

3 Important Reasons to Have a Famous Guitarist for Singles Promotion

Even if you already have an established band, it still is a problem whether your new singles will sell or not. Maybe, with your fan base, you can say that you already have sure buyers but that is not enough if you want to keep on producing new music.

Because of this reason, we highly recommend having a famous guitarist to do the work for you. Why is this so? Well, it’s because, after your lead vocals, the guitarists are the ones who get noticed easily because they usually perform side by side with the vocalist.

Anyway, here are the important things you need to take note as to why you should have a famous guitarist of all time promote your single for you:

Wider Scope of Audience

Established or not, you need to have someone who will promote you that has a wider scope of audience. It is not enough that you ask your friends for help to scatter the news by word of mouth, you need to advertise it to the market that you intend to.

These famous guitarists of all time usually have fan pages in the current times. With the use of these pages, you can ask them to put up a post regarding your new single so that people from all over the world could know about it. It will also be effective if you put a little teaser to get their interests piqued.

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Established Reputation

When you become famous, it must mean that you have established a reputation. It doesn’t necessarily mean it came from good publicity but it also doesn’t mean that it’s from bad publicity.

So, the connection here is, if you team up with a famous guitar player, you will be able to establish that the quality of your music levels with the type of music that such player likes. This would then mean that their followers would likely give your music a shot.

And if your music is really good, they’ll be the ones to send the message to their friends about you.

Their Connections

This is not just about the audience that they can reach out to, but this is about the people in the industry that they know. Famous guitar players have their own share of peers within the industry and maybe, they’ll be able to help you create more opportunities for your band.

When you’re still not on top yet, you need to make use of every resource available. If that means using a friend to help you, then do so. Just don’t forget to reciprocate if they need the same from you.

As an artist, we understand the struggles of a fellow artist. We know that even with our greatest efforts, without appropriate means, everything can just vanish in thin air.

Being an artist requires more than just having the passion for what you do, it also requires you to be wise and, at the same time, clever in terms of the decision that you make.

6 Standalone and Famous Guitar Players of All Time

Fame doesn’t always equal to greatness. Some people may be known to a lot of people but the reason why they are known may not be very likeable. This list that we will be providing you is our own perspective of fame.

And to give you an idea of why we chose them, a little bit of background will be provided.

Eric Clapton

Does this name ring a bell to you? Of course, it should because he is none other than the singer of the greatest hits Tears in Heaven and Wonderful Tonight. However, more than being a singer, he was a blues guitarist by heart first.

Because of his brilliance in the industry, he has influenced countless artists like Eddie Van Halen and Steve Lukather. He made them musicians who know how to produce legitimate feel-good music.

Chet Atkins

Another solo artist who have made the music industry a better place is Chet Atkins. He was well known for his fingerpicking wherein a guitar player uses his fingers and thumb to pick the strings of the guitar.

6StandaloneandFamousGuitarPlayersofAllTime PostImage PlayingLiveGuitar - 6 Standalone and Famous Guitar Players of All Time

Although this was also inspired by a fellow guitar player, he has created his own sound and has successfully separated himself from the others.

Do you want to know how famous Chet Atkins is? Well, let’s just say that even in stores today, you can still see quite a few Chet Atkins signature model guitars. If that doesn’t scream fame, then I don’t know what does.

Charlie Christian

Stepping away from the solo-act guitarists, let’s move on to someone who made a big impression on the Big Band setting. Charlie Christian who was in a band with Benny Goodman was quite successful in introducing the electric guitar as a lead instrument in a band.

Although Charlie wasn’t the first person to plug in an electric guitar, he was the one who made the people see that it doesn’t matter whether the show is big or small, the guitar can deliver what it needs to deliver.

Sadly, he died from tuberculosis but he has greatly influenced another generation which is saying a lot about him as a guitarist.

Chuck Berry

If you are looking for a versatile musician, then Chuck Berry is your guy. Not only is he a talented guitarist, but he also is a natural-born singer, as well as a composer. What made this talented musician very famous during his time was the type of music that he created.

He was focused on cars and girls which was the current vibe of the youth during that era. And with that, his fame came in while his movie and TV appearances were requested one after another. This is the definition of fame that is commonly known by everyone.

It is understandable that you may not know some of these people because again, this list is the most famous guitarists of all times. This means that it should include people who are not just known during this generation but during the previous ones.

You may not appreciate them, but the people whom you’ve considered as an inspiration surely feels indebted to them. The music industry is connected, so the people who have inspired you must’ve been inspired by people whose inspiration was the people listed here.

3 Reasons Why Guitarists Should Be Involved in Planning New Albums

Releasing a new album for the people to hear is not an easy job. If you are really an artist, you would understand how important it is to find a suitable concept for the entire album, the lyrics for every song that would be included, and most importantly, the melody and beat of the music that you want to create.

All these things are very critical if you do want to produce an album that is well thought of but if not, then you could just put whatever you feel like. Anyway, for those of you who would like to have a good sound in their upcoming album, you should understand how the most famous guitar players of all time have influenced music before.

Here’s a list of reasons why it is important to involve guitar players in coming up with the right music to include in your next album:

Planned Out Lyrics

Inconsistencies to the melody usually occur when a lyricist hasn’t asked for the help of the person who’s giving the tune for the music. The reason why guitar players are encouraged to be involved in the planning of the lyrics is that they could either adjust their tune or ask the lyricist to change some lyrics.

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We understand that it might be difficult to collaborate right away especially when you are still looking for the right words. Well, we are not imposing that they’ll be there to criticize every move you make, but at least provide a scheduled time wherein you can both do something together. This will potentially save time and efforts exerted.

United Vision

When the lyricists write the lyrics, there’s already a certain concept that is brewing inside their head, the same goes for the guitarists. Now, if there is no collaboration between the two, the tendency is that their concepts will not fit each other and it will take up more time so that they can meet somewhere.

Prior to doing each of your jobs, you must already know what kind of song you’re going to make. You must already have the vision for a certain song so that you can meet in the middle and make one beautiful song without too much hassle.

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Adlib Inspiration

For those who aspire to excel in the industry just like the most famous guitar players of all time, you should be able to insert the right adlib that would be able to showcase what you can do as a guitarist. These days it is not only about having the perfect guitar gear. There are plenty of guitar magazines that can help you out with that. It is about showing your skills as well.

Yes, that’s right. It’s not enough that you are able to produce good sound, you should be able to do it while excelling in the field. That’s what you call hitting two birds with one stone.

Coming up with a new album is, indeed, very hard. But, if you put your heart and mind to it, coupled with some help from your bandmates, you’ll be able to see just how easy and fun the process could be.

3 Aspects of Tours that Famous Guitar Players of All Time Enjoy

Well-known bands with famous guitar players of all time go on tours most of their life. Because of how influential they become, a lot of people request them and so organizers take advantage of such demand.

Do you know what makes these tours more attractive to the most famous guitar players of all time? Well, you might want to read further to get to know more.

Uncharted Territories Unlocked

When a band grows more influential and becomes known to more people, they get to tour not just in different cities but in different companies. Most people in a band don’t have the luxury of traveling to another country since they are only relying on the product of their music. But, through this, they will be able to explore more of the world.

3AspectsofToursthatFamousGuitarPlayersofAllTimeEnjoy LiveGuitarplay - 3 Aspects of Tours that Famous Guitar Players of All Time Enjoy

A Chance to Show Off

Exploring new territories is something that the whole group would be excited about but the chance to show off is something that guitar players do look forward to during the tours. Usually, when a band releases a song, they’re music will be known and the vocalist will be identified but the rest of the band will remain to be unknown. This is the time to shine.

Meet New People and Expand Network

Sometimes, bands who go on tour gets to open shows for bigger stars. That means that they are the ones who’d get the crowd entertained and hyped up while the main performer prepares in the back.

This is still a great opportunity not just because you get to meet more famous people but it gives your band the potential to expand your network. When you know more people, they’d be able to remember you and if they do, they’d invite you to more tours which in turn means more money.

3AspectsofToursthatFamousGuitarPlayersofAllTimeEnjoy PostImage GIrlGuiltar - 3 Aspects of Tours that Famous Guitar Players of All Time Enjoy

For the audience, attending tours is a gift for them. But what they don’t know is that it is also a blessing on the part of the band attending the tour.

We understand that as someone who has dedicated all of your life to making music, being able to hear people chant for you and crave for you to play is the fulfillment that you need.

5 Ways How Band Tours Help the Fame of a Guitar Player

Band tours are pretty common for artists who have already started establishing their name. Well, they don’t have to be big time like All Time Low or Fall Out Boy, it can be a startup band who’s already making a buzz in the industry.

It is a common scenario that within a band, most people will only know the name of the vocalist which is why in order to be established as one of the most famous guitar players of all time they need to be known through band tours.

Below are aspects of band tours that help boost a guitar player’s reputation:

Live Performance

When your band’s music is released, it usually starts with audio wherein there’s no way that people would identify your contribution as a guitar player. If luck is good on your part, your song can release its MV and you’ll have a slight chance to be seen.

5WaysHowBandToursHelptheFameofaGuitarPlayer PostImage guitarandsuite - 5 Ways How Band Tours Help the Fame of a Guitar Player

However, it is not an assurance for people to actually know you and what you can contribute.

The best thing that guitar players can do so that people can identify you is to actually let people see you play during live performances. That’s the only time that you can really show people what you got and how good you are as a performer.


When you play on a band tour, each of you will be introduced to the crowd. Once your name is called, you need to make sure that the crowd sees what madness you can do with a guitar. This way, you’ll make your mark and they’ll remember you without a problem.


On band tours, there usually is a meet and greet where people would line up in person to have something of theirs signed or to just shake the hands of the member’s of the group. Of course, this is just to strengthen your reputation as a guitar player.

If you’re still trying to make a mark, do what you need to do on the stage where they can see you perform.

Another Band’s Feedback

Another factor that would determine your fame as a guitar player is how other bands appreciate your artistry. It is one thing that the audience appreciate what you can do in front of them, but it is another when someone who knows what you are doing appreciates you as well.

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You see, people easily get impressed by things that they cannot do as skillfully as you do but it is a different game if someone from your league appreciates you. If another band acknowledges what you can do, that just means that you are on a whole other level.

Fame is not something that you can get overnight if you want it, you need to work for it. As for the most popular guitar players of all time, they have done their share of effort during their lifetime.

They know that they won’t be able to outshine their front man easily so they exert extra effort to be noticed.

If someday, you’d want to attain such social status, do what you have to do while it’s still early. Establish your name and make a mark not just for the band but for yourself. And you’ll see that it’ll all be worth it in the end.