3 Important Reasons to Have a Famous Guitarist for Singles Promotion


Guitar Players

Even if you already have an established band, it still is a problem whether your new singles will sell or not. Maybe, with your fan base, you can say that you already have sure buyers but that is not enough if you want to keep on producing new music.

Because of this reason, we highly recommend having a famous guitarist to do the work for you. Why is this so? Well, it’s because, after your lead vocals, the guitarists are the ones who get noticed easily because they usually perform side by side with the vocalist.

Anyway, here are the important things you need to take note as to why you should have a famous guitarist of all time promote your single for you:

Wider Scope of Audience

Established or not, you need to have someone who will promote you that has a wider scope of audience. It is not enough that you ask your friends for help to scatter the news by word of mouth, you need to advertise it to the market that you intend to.

These famous guitarists of all time usually have fan pages in the current times. With the use of these pages, you can ask them to put up a post regarding your new single so that people from all over the world could know about it. It will also be effective if you put a little teaser to get their interests piqued.

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Established Reputation

When you become famous, it must mean that you have established a reputation. It doesn’t necessarily mean it came from good publicity but it also doesn’t mean that it’s from bad publicity.

So, the connection here is, if you team up with a famous guitar player, you will be able to establish that the quality of your music levels with the type of music that such player likes. This would then mean that their followers would likely give your music a shot.

And if your music is really good, they’ll be the ones to send the message to their friends about you.

Their Connections

This is not just about the audience that they can reach out to, but this is about the people in the industry that they know. Famous guitar players have their own share of peers within the industry and maybe, they’ll be able to help you create more opportunities for your band.

When you’re still not on top yet, you need to make use of every resource available. If that means using a friend to help you, then do so. Just don’t forget to reciprocate if they need the same from you.

As an artist, we understand the struggles of a fellow artist. We know that even with our greatest efforts, without appropriate means, everything can just vanish in thin air.

Being an artist requires more than just having the passion for what you do, it also requires you to be wise and, at the same time, clever in terms of the decision that you make.

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