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Month: September 2016

4 Key Elements Of Any Rock Band


Rock music began in the 50’s known as rock ‘n’ roll then. Its appeal to white teenagers was huge. They found this music different compared to what their parents listen to. Rock ‘n’ roll during the time was a blend of other kinds of music like rhythm-and-blues and country. At that time, the black people playing rhythm-and-blues music was liked by the white people. So, rock ‘n’ ‘roll’ had great influence on the white people. Four types of sounds make up a rock band.



The singer of the rock band is amplified. So, the voice is made loud and captures a lot of audience. The unique feature of a rock band is the loud voice which gets through people’s heart. The vocal style of rock is influenced by the blues. It possesses a loud and moaning sound that can be heard in blues and gospel singing.
Electric guitar
A clean sounded electric guitar is an important part of a rock band. These are usually featured in alternative and punk music. You can hear guitar with distortion in metal and hard rock. But with rock music, the electric guitar produces clean sound. When people think of rock music, the first thing they think of is the electric guitar. Singing and playing guitar was something new in the music world. Audiences loved the electrifying sound of the electric guitar.



The base is the basic of any rock band. It gives simple notes and follows the guitar. Like the electric guitar, bass also has a strong influence on the audience.



Drums give a raw and percussion sound which support the sound of electric guitar and bass. It provides the beat to the rock music.

All the instruments, especially the guitar and bass, have great influence on the rock music and the audience as well. When people see a rock band performing, they watch the guitarists and singers moving to the music with great passion. This encourages the audiences to imitate their moves. Rock music produces very raw and powerful sound which energizes the audience like no other music does. Rock music has a great influence on the society. The sound of rock music has changed over the years. In the 50s and early 60s, many parents considered it to be threatening as they changed the teenagers’ behaviors. Their behavior was depicted as outlaws and rebellious. The black subculture was slowly entering the white culture. Later, rock ‘n’ roll had great influence from the British. The English band Beatles, who played gospel like music, changed the perception of rock ‘n’ roll from being rebellious to something ‘cute’. This also changed the perception of parents of the young generation about rock music. So, the rock music started to enter the mainstream. Now, it is one of the most famous genres of music and is liked by people of all generations.

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