4 Ways Guitarists are Influenced by Famous Guitar Players



Before you become a world-renowned guitarist, there will always be someone or something that inspired you to be who you came to be. In this article, we will tackle some of the influences that give a certain person the right push to become a great guitar player.

Talent with Passion

The very first thing that inspires a person is the talent that their inspiration has. It is such a different feeling watching someone you admire doing the thing that they love with much gusto.

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You know, it’s very different to have someone who plays just for the sake of playing compared to a person whose entire life is dedicated to music. The technique might be there, but playing from the heart says something that is entirely different. And that, right there, inspires people.


Sometimes, you fall more in love with a person not just because he’s good with playing the guitar but because of the advocacy that he fights. For example, finding someone who pushes for the betterment of the music society by providing free music lessons.

Other than that, a famous guitar player who voices out certain issues and uses their influence to inform people who are blinded is also another perspective that becomes the reason of a person’s influence towards someone else’s life.

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There will be times that you’d want to be like a shadow of a famous guitar player because they have charmed their way right into your heart. Yes, that is possible. People with high charisma gather fame and influence just by being themselves even if they are not as good as other people.

We’re not saying that being inspired by this is a bad thing, it’s just something different than the others. And believe it or not, that is a good thing. Besides as long as they stand as a good influence, no matter what the reason is, that is still acceptable.


Nothing tugs at someone’s heartstrings more than a person’s past. When people hear about the struggles that a musician has gone through in order to attain his current social status, they look up to him with awed eyes.

To be honest, a lot of people regard someone as an inspiration because they were impressed with their musical journey. Maybe that’s a good thing because it will tell you that no matter how much you’re struggling right now, you’ll see the light someday and somehow.

How about you? How did your inspiration inspire you to become a guitar player? Was it because of his talent and passion, advocacy, charisma, or history? Well, no matter what the reason was, the important thing is that you are here and you’re taking a step forward into reaching your lifelong dream.

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