6 Standalone and Famous Guitar Players of All Time



Fame doesn’t always equal to greatness. Some people may be known to a lot of people but the reason why they are known may not be very likeable. This list that we will be providing you is our own perspective of fame.

And to give you an idea of why we chose them, a little bit of background will be provided.

Eric Clapton

Does this name ring a bell to you? Of course, it should because he is none other than the singer of the greatest hits Tears in Heaven and Wonderful Tonight. However, more than being a singer, he was a blues guitarist by heart first.

Because of his brilliance in the industry, he has influenced countless artists like Eddie Van Halen and Steve Lukather. He made them musicians who know how to produce legitimate feel-good music.

Chet Atkins

Another solo artist who have made the music industry a better place is Chet Atkins. He was well known for his fingerpicking wherein a guitar player uses his fingers and thumb to pick the strings of the guitar.

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Although this was also inspired by a fellow guitar player, he has created his own sound and has successfully separated himself from the others.

Do you want to know how famous Chet Atkins is? Well, let’s just say that even in stores today, you can still see quite a few Chet Atkins signature model guitars. If that doesn’t scream fame, then I don’t know what does.

Charlie Christian

Stepping away from the solo-act guitarists, let’s move on to someone who made a big impression on the Big Band setting. Charlie Christian who was in a band with Benny Goodman was quite successful in introducing the electric guitar as a lead instrument in a band.

Although Charlie wasn’t the first person to plug in an electric guitar, he was the one who made the people see that it doesn’t matter whether the show is big or small, the guitar can deliver what it needs to deliver.

Sadly, he died from tuberculosis but he has greatly influenced another generation which is saying a lot about him as a guitarist.

Chuck Berry

If you are looking for a versatile musician, then Chuck Berry is your guy. Not only is he a talented guitarist, but he also is a natural-born singer, as well as a composer. What made this talented musician very famous during his time was the type of music that he created.

He was focused on cars and girls which was the current vibe of the youth during that era. And with that, his fame came in while his movie and TV appearances were requested one after another. This is the definition of fame that is commonly known by everyone.

It is understandable that you may not know some of these people because again, this list is the most famous guitarists of all times. This means that it should include people who are not just known during this generation but during the previous ones.

You may not appreciate them, but the people whom you’ve considered as an inspiration surely feels indebted to them. The music industry is connected, so the people who have inspired you must’ve been inspired by people whose inspiration was the people listed here.

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