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Beginner’s guide to playing electric guitar


Electric guitars are quite popular among the young generation. This is mainly because of the loud sound it produces. It is quite simple and fun to play electric guitar. You can play different types of music with electric guitar. You need to practice a lot before you can be good at playing guitar. If you want to learn how to play an electric guitar, then here is your guide.

Learning to play by yourself

The primary task is to set up your guitar properly. You can ask a guitar expert at a music store to do it for you or you can try to do it yourself with the help of tuner. Setting up guitar properly has a number of benefits. It provides good intonation. The guitar should sound right when it is in tune. If the guitar has bad intonation, then it is because it is in tune on the lower strings, but out of tune in the higher tones. This kind of situations makes it harder to learn. If the guitar is set up too high, then it becomes almost impossible to play. This is because you will need to exert a lot of finger pressure down the string onto the frets. This will cause intonation problem and also hurt you.
Every song has a melodic pattern that’s easy to remember. You must listen to the singer, bass lines, little fills, etc. from the guitarist. You should carefully pick up anything that catches your ear. Listen to every little detail. This will make you a good guitarist.

You should mix up easy stuff and hard stuff. This is known as ‘mental’ break. After playing something hard, you should play something easier. This will help to keep your fingers moving and will encourage you to move on with your learning. Hard stuffs should not disappoint you. It is part of being a guitarist. You should keep on trying.

You must avoid stomp boxes when you practice. Though the stomp boxes will give you better tone but it harms your learning by masking your errors. If you use a pure guitar tone, then you will be able to identify all your flaws.

It is essential to know about the music theory. This will help you to find the right chords. You can also understand what other musicians tell you if you know the language of music.

Learning to play from a professional


You must first find a good guitar teacher. People have different perspectives of a good guitar teacher. There are some people who learn better by watching, while there are others who learn by hearing. It is better to find someone who specializes in the type of music you like. This will encourage you to learn faster.

You must learn to read music. As there are six strings involved, many notes can be played on various strings. You need to train yourself to play guitar by reading music. Your lessons with your teacher must be fun. Don’t concentrate too much on difficult tones, repetitions, and exercises. Instead, try to play your fingers in such way that you sound interesting. This will make learning fun. Play what you like, instead of only playing stuffs that your teacher gives you to practice. You can think of breaking the usual routine by adding distortion, reverb, varying degrees of vibrato, or even playing the music backwards. This will keep your learning interesting.

There is nothing more important than practicing. Whichever way you choose to learn your guitar, you must practice. In order to learn playing guitar, you need to build strength and endurance in your fingers, playing with feeling, etc. These take a lot of time to develop. You need to be patient and never give up easily.

Tips for buying electric guitars



Electric guitars are required for Rock ‘n’ Roll and other musical styles. If you want to learn how to play an electric guitar, then the first thing you should do is buy a good guitar. Here are some useful tips.

  • Choose a guitar similar to that of your favorite guitarist. In doing so, you will find more inspiration in learning guitar. This is very important for a beginner to have something that will make them move forward.
  • People have different tastes of music. You should buy a guitar that suits your taste of music. The Stratocaster is the most popular kind of electric guitar that is used in various kinds of music including pop, blues, heavy metal and even indie. The Telecaster is good for rock ‘n’ roll and blues. Les Paul is good for rock ‘n’ roll, blues and heavy rock. Legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Guns ‘N’ Roses, all used Les Paul guitars. SG guitars are appropriate for heavy rock players. Jaguar style guitars are good for alternative music, like Nirvana. For jazz and blues, you can go for semi-acoustic guitars.
  • As a beginner, you can think of buying a starter pack. These packs come with everything you need to get started. This is also a cheap option.
  • You can consider buying accessories like guitar amps, FX cables, picks, tuner, strings, straps, etc.

When buying an electric guitar for the first time, you can take opinion from your teacher or you can look up online to find recommendations from experts. Never forget that a guitar amp is just as important as the guitar itself, this is one of the best lists with guitar amplifiers and on that site there is a lot of additional beginner information that you can take a look at. You don’t need to buy an expensive guitar the first time. You will find various selections of affordable guitars in the market. There are many online resources available for playing guitar. You can find lots of tutorials and videos where professional guitarists show you how to play guitar. Being a good guitarist requires practice. So, you should practice whenever you can. Soon, you will find out how much your playing style has improved.

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