5 Ways How Band Tours Help the Fame of a Guitar Player



Band tours are pretty common for artists who have already started establishing their name. Well, they don’t have to be big time like All Time Low or Fall Out Boy, it can be a startup band who’s already making a buzz in the industry.

It is a common scenario that within a band, most people will only know the name of the vocalist which is why in order to be established as one of the most famous guitar players of all time they need to be known through band tours.

Below are aspects of band tours that help boost a guitar player’s reputation:

Live Performance

When your band’s music is released, it usually starts with audio wherein there’s no way that people would identify your contribution as a guitar player. If luck is good on your part, your song can release its MV and you’ll have a slight chance to be seen.

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However, it is not an assurance for people to actually know you and what you can contribute.

The best thing that guitar players can do so that people can identify you is to actually let people see you play during live performances. That’s the only time that you can really show people what you got and how good you are as a performer.


When you play on a band tour, each of you will be introduced to the crowd. Once your name is called, you need to make sure that the crowd sees what madness you can do with a guitar. This way, you’ll make your mark and they’ll remember you without a problem.


On band tours, there usually is a meet and greet where people would line up in person to have something of theirs signed or to just shake the hands of the member’s of the group. Of course, this is just to strengthen your reputation as a guitar player.

If you’re still trying to make a mark, do what you need to do on the stage where they can see you perform.

Another Band’s Feedback

Another factor that would determine your fame as a guitar player is how other bands appreciate your artistry. It is one thing that the audience appreciate what you can do in front of them, but it is another when someone who knows what you are doing appreciates you as well.

5WaysHowBandToursHelptheFameofaGuitarPlayer PostImage LiveGuitar - 5 Ways How Band Tours Help the Fame of a Guitar Player

You see, people easily get impressed by things that they cannot do as skillfully as you do but it is a different game if someone from your league appreciates you. If another band acknowledges what you can do, that just means that you are on a whole other level.

Fame is not something that you can get overnight if you want it, you need to work for it. As for the most popular guitar players of all time, they have done their share of effort during their lifetime.

They know that they won’t be able to outshine their front man easily so they exert extra effort to be noticed.

If someday, you’d want to attain such social status, do what you have to do while it’s still early. Establish your name and make a mark not just for the band but for yourself. And you’ll see that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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