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The Band


Toy Band is an English rock band formed in 2010. It was formed by some school friends in Brighton. Within six months of forming the band, they moved to London and signed a deal with Heavenly Records. They first performed live at The Lexington, a venue in London, in December 2010. They played at a number of festivals the following year.

The band’s first single was released in 2011 under Heavenly Records. It was called ‘Left Myself Behind’. The album was a huge success. In 2012, the band was named among the ‘100 New Bands You Have to Hear’ by NME. According to many people, the Toy Band was the best band to appear in 2012. They became very successful with their first album TOY that was released on September 2012. The Toy Band supported the band ‘The Vaccines’, an indie rock band in 2013 on their UK Tour. The event was held in the huge O2 Arena in London. In October 2013, they announced the release of their second album ‘Join the Dots’. The album was released two months later in UK and rest of the countries in Europe. Two weeks later the album was released in the USA.

In 2014, the band had a number of musical tours in Europe and UK. The next year they started working on their third album. On August 2015, the band collaborated with Natasha Khan of ‘Bat for Lashes’ for ‘Sexwitch’. This album consists of six tracks and was released the following month. There were some changes in the band last year. Band member Alejadra Diez left the band and Max Oscarnold took over the place. The band continues to perform live and hopes to release more albums in future.